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Rogaland has varied and majestic scenery - white beaches, high mountains, deep fjords and a vast ocean that meets an equally vast sky on the horizon. A landscape that cries out for filming.

Rogaland and Filmkraft do not have their own film commissioner. Filmkraft has therefore created a simple solution where we will gather important information for you who are looking for a location for your next film in Rogaland. If you have experience or can offer services that you think should be included here, please contact Filmkraft. 

The images are stock photos from Pixabay.

The Norwegian Film Commission is a national service for the facilitation of film recordings in Norway. Click on the logo to visit the website.


Norwegian Film Commission services film producers interested in utilizing our locations or work with people or companies based in the county of Rogaland.

Mission statement

Our mission is to utilize our great locations and other resources to help provide continuity for the local crew and businesses, in order to contribute to creating a sustainable audiovisual industry in the county.

General Information

Rogaland county covers the southwestern corner of Norway, and is known for it´s oil industry. We also have a growing audiovisual industry, and can offer spectacular and diverse locations. Rogaland Filmcommission services film producers interested in utilizing our locations and/or work with the skilled crews and companies in the county. The film commission is part of Filmkraft Rogaland, which also consists of a regional film-centre and -fund.


Chaperone Film and Leader Films both have extensive experience in facilitating film shoots in Rogaland. Click on the logos for more info and contact them directly. If you have a company that also offers similar services, please get in touch and we will add your contact details to this page.

Leter du etter andre samarbeidspartnere? Leie utstyr? Casting? En klipper? Fotograf? Sminkør? Lyddesign? Lysmester? Grip? Lysmester? Prod.ass. Sam-produsent? Sjekk med noen av de andre i bransjen. Trykk på knappen til høyre og få opp en liste over bransjeaktører i Rogaland.

Are you filming on a public area or building?

If you are filming in a building or outdoor area owned by the municipality, there are procedures for obtaining permission. Contact the relevant municipality for further help and guidance. When it comes to street closures due to rigging of equipment, or work along a public road, you must also apply for a work notification to safeguard traffic in relation to the changes. Permission from the police must also be obtained. 

In Stavanger municipality, you can contact the Road and Traffic Department directly on +47 51 50 72 57. Haugesund municipality has its own application portal you can use. In Sandnes municipality, you can contact Sandnes Eiendom on mobile no: 94 84 17 32.

The incentive scheme - how does it work?

The incentive scheme provides reimbursement to major international film and series productions that will be produced wholly or partly in Norway. The scheme is aimed at Norwegian and foreign productions