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About Filmkraft

Filmkraft is a regional film center that works to develop and strengthen professional audiovisual production in the region through grants for the development and production of documentaries, fiction films and game development.

The film center also works to increase film expertise among professional film workers and guide and recruit young talent to the film industry in the region through various projects and support schemes.  

Filmkraft provides grants to projects within the framework defined by the regulations on audiovisual productions, as well as the Norwegian Film Institute's distribution model and guidelines in connection with the annual allocation of state aid from the Ministry of Culture.


Filmkraft Rogaland was founded on June 15, 2006. The company is currently owned by Rogaland County Council (50%), Stavanger Municipality (25%), Haugesund Municipality (5%) and Sandnes Municipality (20%). Operations are financed through annual grants from the owners.


Filmkraft Rogaland is a member of FilmReg, an organization for regional film centers and funds in Norway. Anne Lærdal is a member of the election committee in FilmReg.

Norwegian Cultural Forum

Stavanger Business Association



Statutory purpose

The company will provide financial support for the development of films, games and series and the further development of the audiovisual industry in order to provide continuous business and increased value creation in Rogaland, as well as activities that are naturally related to this.

Other information

Organization number: 990 279 772

Name/company name: Filmkraft Rogaland AS

General Manager : Anne Lærdal

Business and visiting address: Olav Kyrres gate 5, 4307 Sandnes

Postal address: P.O. Box 583 v/Sandnes Municipality, 4302 Sandnes

Opening hours: weekdays 08.00-16.00

Phone: +47 915 91 217 (Admin. manager Jan Hauge)

Email: post (a)

Foundation date: 15.06.2006

Photos of employees are taken by Anne Lise Norheim.

The board of Filmkraft Rogaland AS

Marie Koch Singelstad
Styreleder, repr. Rogaland fylkeskommune.
Tonje Hardersen
Styremedlem, nestleder, repr. Haugesund kommune.
Stig Andersen
Styremedlem, bransjerepresentant.
Gaute Aadnesen
Styremedlem, bransjerepresentant.

Vara 1, personlig vara for Marie Koch Singelstad: Else Rege Grannes (Rog FK), 4 år
Vara 2, personlig vara for Tonje Hardersen: Svein Tollefsen (Sandnes kommune), 4 år
Vara 3, felles personlig vara for de tre bransjerepresentantene: Petter Rosenlund (Dramatikerforbundet), 2 år

Styret ble valgt på generalforsamling 5. juni 2024. Les protokoll fra møtet her

Styret blir konstituert 19. juni 2024.