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Pitching guide

Professionals and film production companies from the audiovisual industry in Rogaland can apply for this scheme through sole proprietorships and limited companies respectively. To qualify for a grant, the applicant must be resident and have a business address in Rogaland.



We want to focus on pitching and selling projects. The aim is to further strengthen the position of our producers and film projects, nationally and internationally. Giving a good pitch is an art, whether you've joined a forum or you get a few random minutes with the right person in a more informal setting. Often you only have one opportunity. We want our industry players to be in the best position to sell their projects and participate in the most important arenas for financing, co-production and other things that can strengthen their projects.

You should have made up your mind about what you want guidance for. You should come to the meeting prepared. Remember to bring the material that is relevant to your project, the supervisor has one hour to prepare before their scheduled meetings. If you have a pilot, it is also important that you include this with your application.

Briefly about the scheme

  • Production companies in Rogaland can apply,
  • The supervisor is your sparring partner,
  • a tool to strengthen and exploit the potential of the project,
  • The applicant and counselor agree on the form of the counseling process (meetings/email/digital),
  • the person being supervised/and the person supervising sends a report to Filmkraft at the end of the supervision,
  • No more than 6 months should pass from the time the commitment is given until the report is sent to Filmkraft.
  • For all the schemes, it is the person with the rights who must apply for guidance support,
  • all applications are submitted via RegPortal,
  • you can search with projects in any format,
  • Whether you have been selected for a pitch forum, have participation in a forum/market in your progress plan or are meeting a financier, sales agent or commission editor,
  • Please note that one of our experts does not speak Norwegian and the application must be submitted in English.


CEO Jan Hauge
Phone: 915 91 217

When applying for development of a script for short or feature-length fiction: at an early stage of development, you may first apply to write a synopsis or treatment, and then later use these as a basis for applying for a grant to write the actual script. The total grant framework of NOK 50,000 (short films) and NOK 100,000 (longer formats) can therefore be divided between several applications for the same development project.

If you want to go straight to an application for a screenplay, you are required to submit a well-developed treatment or a comprehensive synopsis, or a first draft of the screenplay. Applications to write a synopsis or treatment are somewhat less demanding, but must contain a clear and concrete premise for the story.

Normal processing time is a maximum of four weeks. All applications for guidance must be submitted via RegPortal. Read more on our pages for application guidance

Audiovisual works - writing fees, development and production

We offer four of Europe's foremost experts in the field:

Mikael Opstrup

Specialist in project development, trailer, co-productions and highly experienced speaker. As Head of Studies at the European Documentary Network he created their guide for co-production and has worked as a tutor and/or moderator for IDFA, Hot Docs, Nordisk Panorama, Institute of Documentary Film, Baltic Sea Docs, Docs Barcelona, In Docs, Dox Box and more. Mikael has also developed and organized workshops for Nordoc, Findoc and Ice & Fire Docs. From 1998 to 2002, he was a production consultant at the Danish Film Institute and has produced documentaries for a number of years, most recently for Final Cut Productions in Copenhagen.
In 2021, Mikael published the book THE UNCERTAINTY - A book about developing a character-driven story. In 2023 there was an updated edition with 5 new chapters.

Helene Granqvist

Is a Swedish producer with more than 30 years of experience in film and television. She graduated from the Copenhagen National Academy of the Arts and spent her early years working as a production designer for film, TV and theater. Since 2000, she has worked as a film producer, and in 2011 she started the production company Nordic Factory Film. Her films have been screened at Sundance, Toronto, Tribeca and Cannes. In addition to working as a producer, Helene Granqvist regularly works as a pitch coach and speaker, both in Sweden and internationally. She has held workshops for Baltic Event, Nordic Genre Boost & Nordic Talent, Discovery program at Gothenburg Film Festival, Finnish Film Affair and for New Nordic Films in Haugesund. Helene has been president of WIFT Sweden (Women in Film & Television) since 2013 and she has also been president of WIFT International since 2018. She is also a member of the European Film Academy.

Freddy Neuman

Freddy Neumann focuses on increasing a film's potential reach and achieving an international audience through his work as a consultant for both fiction and documentary. For Freddy, pitching is much more than just a presentation of the project, it's an art form. He has worked in the Danish and international film industry for over 25 years and has given several workshops and master classes both at home and abroad on this topic. He is one of the regular speakers at Dok.incubator. His specialty areas are pitching and presentation, DNA mapping, marketing and reach, strategic campaigns and audience building.

Sibylle Kurz

Sibylle Kurz has working experience in the music industry, in film licensing, acquisition/distribution as a trained merchant. She additionally has an academic background in media & communication science, sociology and psychology and a postgraduate education in therapeutical coaching and focused communication.
Since 1995, she freelances as communication trainer for the arts & culture industries with special expertise in "The Art Of Pitching"; she is continuously teaching at acclaimed national/international film schools, running international pitching-workshops as well as inhouse-trainings