Filmkraft – Rogaland Film Centre is a regional film center who works to develop and enhance the professional audiovisual production of the region ROGALAND through grants. We support development and production of short films and documentaries as well as script development of features and TV-drama. We do not support production for long formats. We also work to enhance the knowledge and experience of our local film workers, both professional and young talents, through grants, workshops, masterclasses, and other educational programmes.

In order to apply for a grant from us the project must be linked to the region of Rogaland, either through the story or key personell.

In 2020 Filmkraft granted a total of NOK 11,9 million to audiovisual projects.

Filmkraft also keeps records and has a good overview of the different production companies and freelance film workers in the region and can give advise to outside productions planning activity in Rogaland.

If you want to know more about us or need any further guidance please contact us at post(a)